Friday, 4 June 2010

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Button Man: Hitman's Daughter - John Wagner, Frazer Irving


Harry Exton was a Button Man, a player in the lethal Killing Game, where modern-day gladiators fought for the pleasure of the mysterious Voices, the rich backers who set up the contests. But Harry quit, leaving the country and the slaughter behind him - only to find out that no one walks away from the Game and lives.


Button Man is a character that I don’t recall very well from my youth so it’s always going to be fun to try something a little different alongside new from someone that you trust implicitly due to the fact that they always hit the spot before.

Button Man is a series of tales based around a hitman who entertains the rich by assassinating their own “Button Men” in different locations in what is technically a duel to the death where no rule but your own survival counts. This offering follows the tale of a former button mans daughter who witnessed her fathers murder and has been seeking revenge against those who perpetrated the deed. Well written, strong dialogue, this offering of death and destruction will give the reader goose-bumps as they weave their way through this tale of murder and mayhem. A great offering and one that will definitely appeal to many of 2000AD’s fans.

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