Tuesday, 22 June 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: The Desert Spear - Peter V Brett


Continuing the impressive debut fantasy series from author Peter V. Brett, The Desert Spear is book two of the Demon trilogy, pulling the reader into a world of demons, darkness and heroes. The Deliverer has returned, but who is he? Arlen Bales, formerly of the small hamlet of Tibbet's Brook, learnt harsh lessons about life as he grew up in a world where hungry demons stalk the night and humanity is trapped by its own fear. He chose a different path; chose to fight inherited apathy and the corelings, and eventually he became the Painted Man, a reluctant saviour. But the figure emerging from the desert, calling himself the Deliverer, is not Arlen. He is a friend and betrayer, and though he carries the spear from the Deliverer's tomb, he also heads a vast army intent on a holy war against the demon plague! and anyone else who stands in his way.


With Painted Man being one of last years Dark Horses, readers were expecting a hell of a lot from the second offering from Peter Brett with one question being predominant over any other “Will Brett be more than a one hit wonder?”

This is a question that’s often asked of many authors and whilst some have buckled under the pressure of trying to get the second novel written Peter has stepped up and put his talent where the questions are and so we just had to read this second title.

What unfurls within is a tale that expands beautifully from the original and gives the reader more of what they want. His prose are literally unsurpassed in the fantasy world currently and its definitely a title that allows the characters alongside world to expand in an almost natural progression. Back that up with some great dialogue and a plot outline that will surprise a number of readers and they delve once more into his world and he could be a firm favourite to win a number of awards this year.

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Bea said...

Glad to hear it. I enjoyed the first book. :)