Monday, 21 June 2010

SCIENCE FICTION GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Robo-Hunter: The Droid Files V2 - John Wagner, Alan Grant, Ian Gibson



Encounter a P.I. like no another in this bumper collection of Robo- Hunter stories, collecting this classic strip together from the very beginning. Sam Slade is the man with a plan when it comes to robo-crime and together with his robo-pals, Stogie and Hoagie, he will bring all metal perps to justice!

Written by John Wagner (Judge Dredd, A History of Violence) and Alan Grant (Lobo, Batman) and featuring artwork by Ian Gibson (The Ballad of Halo Jones), this collection is packed full of the very best of Sam Slade.


Robo Hunter is a character that I really don’t recall to be honest. Not that he wasn’t about but he wasn’t a character that originally stood out to me. Its perhaps on the lighter side of 2000AD and whilst there will be a number of people with fond memories left me feeling a little flat.

It is well written, the characters different to what’s out there and with a touch of humour that many will just love but for me it really didn’t hit the spot or give me those Goosebumps that I’ve been longing for. A real shame but one that will appeal to a number of readers of a certain age.

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