Monday, 28 June 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: God of War - Matthew Stover


The first official tie-in novel to the hugely successful God of War series of action-adventure video games. This is an epic adventure set in the world of Greek mythology. This novel takes the mega-successful God of War franchise to a new level! Kratos is the new god of war, but the other gods refuse to welcome him as one of their own. Zeus kills him, but he is saved by the goddess of the earth, Gaia. She sends him back to Mount Olympos - where, once again, he will challenge the might of the gods...Written by Matt Stover, the hugely popular, bestselling writer of many Star Wars adventures, gaming fans should not miss this brand-new God of War story!


As a huge fan of the game franchise (well duology currently) I did wonder how well the tale would translate to this offering but with Matthew Stover behind the reigns I shouldn’t have worried. He’s taken an established history and made it something a little more personal, with great combat sequences and of course following the defined story arc but in the authors own way.

Beautifully written, top prose and descriptiveness brings the God of War franchise to fans of a different generation.

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