Tuesday, 1 June 2010

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Slaine: Demon Killer - Glenn Fabry, Pat Mills


This is the second full colour Slaine story, where he is brought back to life by the goddess Danu to battle with his arch enemy Ellfric. The story is set in Roman Britain.


OK, I’ll admit it right here, I love the tales of Slaine. They were a staple part of my comic reading as a kid and something of a guilty pleasure now as an adult (I even own some original Slaine Art from some of the early issues). Here in this latest compendium is a number of stories that do what 2000AD have always done best, let the warrior loose to unleash his fury on the enemy. Great story arc’s and with a touch of genius for the dialogue between our protagonist and his comedic sidekick dwarf and you pretty much are guaranteed a satisfied read. Slaine, I raise a glass of mead in your honour Slainte.

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