Tuesday, 15 June 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: The War of the Dwarves - Markus Heitz


The dwarves have gone to battle and they have been victorious. But outside the realm, dark forces are working ...A secret army of Orcs, made immortal by the hidden powers of the Black Water, now marches towards Girdlegard, set to unleash its fury upon the kingdom. Sooner than they realise, Tungdil and his comrades will need to summon all their courage to do battle against this bloodthirsty horde. The Orcs are not the only threat. An unspeakable new power is growing and threatens the very existence of the dwarves. But both enemies have forgotten one very important truth: a dwarf is never more dangerous than when total obliteration seems inevitable ...


Having read the original title and fallen for the characters within, I really did want this title as soon as it was out. However being a tad forgetful I’d missed its original release only to be reminded a few months later that I’d missed it. This incidentally led to self reflection about whether or not my first impressions from the original read were correct or whether or not the secondary offering could live up to the first.

What unfurls is the continual search for our principle protagonists heritage alongside the overall arc of defeating the evil that’s lurking almost unseen in the background. Beautifully written, this series is going to be one that’s a real guilty pleasure for a number of readers who have only just been introduced to this pretty prevalent German author. Add to the mix great character growth, some top notch dialogue and an almost Tolkienesque scope and it will soon be a series to step to the fore of a many “stunty” fans.

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