Friday 11 June 2010

CRIME REVIEW: Random - Craig Robertson


Glasgow is being terrorised by a serial killer the media have nicknamed The Cutter. The murders have left the police baffled. There seems to be neither rhyme nor reason behind the killings; no kind of pattern or motive; an entirely different method of murder each time, and nothing that connects the victims except for the fact that the little fingers of their right hands have been severed. If DS Rachel Narey could only work out the key to the seemingly random murders, how and why the killer selects his victims, she would be well on her way to catching him. But as the police, the press and a threatening figure from Glasgow's underworld begin to close in on The Cutter, his carefully-laid plans threaten to unravel - with horrifying consequences.


As a huge fan of the crime genre I’m always on the look out for what the next big thing and absolutely love trying new authors in order make sure that I can get on the train before the rush hour of hype hits. What unfurls within this offering from Craig is a tale of murder, mayhem with perhaps one of the freshest serial killers to come out of Scotland in a long time. (A character within this offering, not the author.)

Add to the mix a tale that has more twists and turns than a roller-coaster, beautifully scripted dialogue and a mystery that keeps you hanging on by the fingernails and its definitely a tale that will not only entertain but will, if the right people read it, be optioned for film rights pretty quickly.

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Angela Addams said...

I'm not a huge crime fiction kind of gal but this one sounds really good. I've got quite a pile to read as it is but maybe another one on the stack would be okay ;)