Thursday, 10 June 2010

ART BOOK REVIEW: Fantasy Genesis: A Creativity Game for Artists - Chuck Lukacs


Readers will get easy, fun techniques for creating extraordinary drawings from a working illustrator in the industry. Constructed around the familiar dice-rolled decision-making dynamic of role-playing games using a common set of dice available in gaming and comic shops everywhere, the reader gets an accessible group of lists from which an infinite variety of conceptual sketches can be made. By the end of the book, readers will have all the tools they need to continue playing the game on their own and with their friends, with an infinite number of combinations and creations possible.


Artists are always looking for a new challenge and with a number of art books out there, its always tricky to find something that not only entertains and nurtures the talents but also challenges the reader to create something new and novel. What makes Chuck’s offering from Impact so much fun is that he throws a way convention and demonstrates the fun that can be had with some dice, some art material and a vivid imagination as he takes you through some of the basic’s through to some of the more advanced techniques within this offering. It’s good solid fun and with tutorials thrown in to get the most from textures and hybridisation it clearly demonstrates that the only limit to those with the talent is their imagination. Definitely a book that will inspire.

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