Thursday, 17 June 2010

THRILLER REVIEW: The Dragon Factory - Jonathan Maberry


Having protected the world from a zombie plague in PATIENT ZERO, Joe Ledger and his crack Department of Special Sciences combat team are thrown into an even more frightening crisis. A genetic-engineering program has been used to create the ultimate fighting machine - soldiers bred for war, soldiers with greater strength, higher reaction speeds and an utter disregard for pain. Theirs and others. It's a nightmare from the pages of Doctor Moreau and soon Joe and his team are up against both the big business concerns who have billions invested in the project and, on the street, adversaries bred expressly to kill them. It's enough to make you wish you were facing zombies again . . .


Having really enjoyed Jonathan’s original offering I really wanted this title to deliver more high octane thrills as the principle protagonist slaughters his way to his mission goal. I wanted more twists, I wanted more shades of grey villains and I wanted a character who could be bent by circumstance to be just as twisted as the bad guys .

This Jonathan delivers in spades and it’s an adventure that does what it says on the tin. Its well written, the story arc has plenty of twists and its almost like the old fashioned Saturday Morning Matinee’s with its cliff hangers at the end of numerous chapters. It’s ideal material for those who want that something special with great action sequences in an action thriller that should be made into a film.

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Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed the second Joe Ledger adventure. Thanks for an excellent review.