Monday, 21 June 2010

NEWS: The Falcata Times To Be Read Pile

Hail Mighty Readers,
We thought that we'd start a new feature, the Falcata Times To Be Read list (hereby refered to as the TBR List). This is where we put up the titles that we have received and you, the readers, can let us know which ones you want to know more about and we'll move them up so that they get reviewed sooner rather than later.

We'll update once a month and from there we'll do our best to help you, the readers, make the right choice on your book buying sorties. (Especially with a certain Holiday time fast approaching. Where has the year gone?)

Currently we have:
ROBERTS, Adam - New Model Army
McNEILL, Graham & ABNETT, Dan: The Dark King (Audio)
MCNEILL, Graham – The Chapters Due
KYME, Nick – Fire Born (Audio)
ANDERSON, Kevin J & HERBERT, Brian – The Winds of Dune
THORPE, Gav – Path of the Warrior
STOSS, Charles – The Fuller Memorandum
WOODING, Chris – Black Lung Captain
McDONALD, Ian – The Dervish House
DEMBSKI-BOWDEN, Aaron – Throne of Lies (AUDIO)
SWALLOW, James - Nemesis (Horus Heresy)
RANKIN, Robert – The Japanese Devil Fish Girl…
RAJANISMI, Hannu – The Quantum Jump

CANAVAN, Trudi – The Ambassador’s Mission
CHADBOURN, Mark – The Sword of Albion
PRATCHETT, Terry – Going Postal (TV Tie in)
NEWTON, Mark Charen – City of Ruin
ANDERSON, Kevin J – The Map of all Things
PARKER, KJ - The Folded Knife
McKENNA, Juliet – The Banners in the Wind
KEYES, Greg – An Elder Scrolls Novel: The Infernal City
WRAIGHT, Chris – Warhammer Heroes: Sword of Justice
MILLER, Karen – The Reluctant Mage
LLOYD, Tom – The Ragged Man
PEVEL, Pierre – The Alchemist in the Shadows

DE CANDIDO, Keith – Supernatural: Heart of the Dragon
BRONTE, Charlotte & BROWNING-IRWIN, Sherri – Jane Slayre
RHODES, Natasha – Circus of Sins
RECHT, Z A – Plague of the Dead (The Morningstar Plague)
NEVILL, Adam - Apartment 16 (Horror)
ARTHUR, Keri – Moon Sworn
ENNIS, Garth & ROBERTSON, Darrick – The Boys: Vol 6
HARRIS, Charlaine – Dead in the Family
GRANT, Mira – Feed
MARIANI, Scott G – Uprising
BLACK, Holly – White Cat
DEHART, Terry - The Unit
KESSLER, Jackie and KITTREDGE, Caitlin – Shades of Night (Icarus Project 2)
DAVIDSON, Mary Janice – Undead and Unfinished
WELLINGTON, David – Cursed

YOUNG ADULT/CHILDRENS (appearing on Tattys Treasure Chest)
SMITH, LJ - Vampire Diaries 1&2: Awakening, Struggle
SMITH, LJ - Vampire Diaries 3&4: Fury, Return
KING, Caro – Shadowspell
NARAYAN, Natasha – The Maharajah’s Monkey
PRENEAS, Sarah – Magic Thief: Found
RICHARDSON, Justin & PARNELL, Peter – Christian the Hugging Lion (3+)
CHANDLER, Elizabeth – Dark Secrets 2
CURLEY, Marianne – The Named
CLARKE, Noel – 4 3 2 1
KATE, Lauren – Fallen
BRENNAN, Sarah Rees – The Demon’s Covenant
MOORE, Lynne & KEFFORD, Naomi & Ill. DAVIES, Benji - When the Dragons Came
KESSLER, Liz – Phillipa Fisher and the Stone Fairy’s Palace
KESSLER, Liz – Emily Windsnap and the Siren’s Secret
HOPGOOD, Tim – Wow! said the Owl
LIMB, Sue – Girl 16 - Five Star Fiasco
KENYON, Sherrilyn – Infinity: Chronicles of Nick 1
CHADDA, Sarwat – Dark Goddess
HOPKINS, Cathy – Million Dollar Mates (11+)
SMITH, LJ – The Forbidden Game (TEEN)
HALE, Shannon – Forest born
WESTERFELD, Scott – Secret Hour (Midnighters 1)
WEBB, Catherine – The Dream Thief
WILLIAMS, Carol Lynch – The Chosen One
SCOTT, Michael – The Necromancer
BYNG, Georgia – Molly Moon: The Morphing Mystery
WATERS, Dan – Passing Strange

BLAKE, Richard – The Terror of Constantinople
BLAKE, Richard – The Blood of Alexandria
SIDEBOTTOM, Harry – Lion of the Sun (Warrior of Rome 3)
CAMERON, Christian – Killer of Men
GREGORY, Philippa – The Red Queen
VAUGHAN-HUGHES, Pip – The Fools Crusade

HEWSON, David - The Blue Demon (THRILLER)
STRAUB, Peter – A Dark Matter (HORROR)
DEL TORO, Guillermo – The Strain (Thriller)
O’CONNOR, Niamh – If I ever See you Again (CRIME)
FOREMAN, Gayle - If I Stay (FICTION)
BYRNES, Michael – The Genesis Plague (THRILLER)
PAVELEC, Jim & SEAMAN, Chris – Ink Bloom (ART)
BAXTER, Stephen – Stone Spring (Alternate History)
MOODY, David – Dog Blood (THRILLER)
GERRITSEN, Tess – The Killing Place (CRIME)
SABERHAGEN, Fred – Sherlock Holmes: The 7th Bullet (CRIME)
THOMAS, RHYS – On the Third Day (Thriller)
BECKER, James – The Messiah Secret (THRILLER)
NEWMAN, Ruth – The Company of Shadows (CRIME)
The Medieval Murderers – The Sacred Stone (CRIME)
MAN, John – Xanadu (FACTUAL)
LAWRENCE, Alice - Daddy's Prisoner (Real Life)
SUMMERS, Julie - Stranger in the House (Real Life)

All the best,

Gareth and Diane,
Your Book Reading Servant's. LOL

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