Thursday, 3 June 2010

THRILLER REVIEW: Blasphemy - Douglas Preston


Deep in an Arizona mountain, the world's largest supercollider will probe what happened at the very moment of creation: the Big Bang itself. The brainchild of Nobel laureate Gregory North Hazelius, the supercollider, given the name Isabella, is the most expensive machine ever built. Some people think it may unlock the mysteries of the universe. Some think it will create a mini black hole that will suck in the earth. Powerful televangelist Don T. Spates thunders that Isabella is a satanic attempt to disprove Genesis and challenge God Almighty on the very throne of heaven. He'll do anything to stop Isabella from reaching its goal.When Hazelius and his team of twelve scientists start up Isabella, they make an extraordinary discovery - one that must be hidden from the world at all costs. Wyman Ford, ex-monk and CIA operative, is hired by the US government to wrest from the team their dark secret. A secret that will either destroy the world ...or save it.


What Preston does in this offering is to travel a road that’s been pretty much stomped flat in recent years with the Secret Cults, mysterious installations and sciences of the type that only weird haired meglomaniacs could dream.

Whilst that is pretty much the premise backed up with a few more touches the story arc is pretty predictable and if we’re going be honest here nothing new. But what you don’t take into account is the sheer pace that Preston exudes upon the piece. It is simplistic, it is full of the weird and wacky but if you just accept it and go for the ride its not half bad. Whilst it won’t break any records it’s a silly enough distraction from the real world to give you a few hours respite and was a good bit of fun for this but that’s all.

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