Monday, 4 October 2010

ART BOOK REVIEW: Bryan Hitch's Ultimate Comic Studio - Bryan Hitch

Release Date: 01/10/10


The world's top comic artist Bryan Hitch, explores his inspirations, approaches and techniques through a stunning collection of his finest pieces from Marvel, as well as brand new pieces commissioned especially for this book. Special highlights include step-by-step development sequences on some of the "Fantastic Four" scenes, and extended commentaries on some of his classic pieces from the "Ultimates". Packed with information, practical tips on panel composition, storytelling, tools and materials, inspiration and references, how to break into the industry and much more, this is the long awaited guide and a must-have for Bryan Hitch fans the world over. Including a foreword by writer, director and producer of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", Joss Whedon, this is a veritable visual feast of dynamic, impactful art for comic fans all over the world.


Whilst this isn’t strictly an aid to the craft of art, it’s a title that talks the reader through various things, lessons learned the hard way by this famed artist.

What this book does is take you through each stage to help the artist create somthingg special. Everything is dealt with using examples to back up the authors points, from story telling to actual composition.

Back that up with some drawing tips, how to ink and colour alongside how to deal with the business end such as getting your work seen by professionals and this title is fascinating. Add to this other tips such as how to build a portfolio as well as a work ethic and you know that it’s a tool that can help the comic artist in much the same way as the writers market helps new writers with tips on how to get further. The only downside to this title is that Bryan doesn’t believe in pulling his punches, some of the stuff that he says may hurt and force the reader to face reality but in real life don’t we all. Its great to have an honest look at a graphic world of the professional artist and whilst you may disagree with some of the advice, its what has worked for him and could help you to find the medium that also works for you.

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