Tuesday, 26 October 2010

MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT: Paranormal Powers - Brian Haughton

Release Date: 01/09/10


Explore the extreme power of the mind from clairvoyants and poltergeist activity to teleportation and levitation. "Paranormal Powers" is an expert reference guide to mystical abilities, where you will discover the secrets of mind readers, mediums, astro projectors and many more. Seven chapters cover everything from the dark world of secret programmes, to those claiming to possess particular powers, including the controversial Natalya Demkina - The Girl with X-Ray Vision. This title teaches us about psychology and the motives controlling our behaviour.


Fans of the Paranormal will absolutely love this book. Why? Well to be honest its pretty comprehensive with some great fun tests for the reader to do in order to see where their own gifts lie. Add to this a whole host of information, some interesting facts and also where people who’ve purportedly been gifted have failed in tests to give a rounded opinion on the whole subject.

It’s exciting, it’s a title that deals with the subject matter and all in, its put together beautifully so that the reader can quite easily dip into each of the subjects that interest them. A great book and an ideal gift for Halloween or Christmas.

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