Thursday 7 October 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: Clockwork Vampires Chronicles 2: Soul Stealers - Andy Remic

Release Date: 07/10/10


THE CLOCKWORK VAMPIRES THIRST FOR BLOOD-OIL. The land of Falanor has fallen. On his way to recruit reinforcements to launch the counter-attack, the mighty hero Kell finds himself the prey of two beautiful but deadly vampire assassins. Their bronze fangs are coming for him.


Andy is perhaps best known for his hardcore science fiction tales and recently has expanded into the realm of Fantasy with his last two titles. Whilst I had a number of problems with the first story, this second one feels like it fixed a number of the problems with the characters coming more into their own over being so similar to another authors. They grow, they claim a higher body count and their continual survival against the odds will appeal to readers who love the graphic combat that Andy is famed for. Add to the mix a good dollop of battlefield humour, a good handful of Howard’s style backed up with a stark descriptiveness and it’s a tale that gives Remic a firm footing within the genre. I look forward to seeing how he builds the next offering.

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