Sunday, 10 October 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: The Folding Knife - KJ Parker

Release Date: 10/06/10


Basso the Magnificent. Basso the Great. Basso the Wise. Basso the Murderer. The First Citizen of the Vesani Republic is an extraordinary man. He is ruthless, cunning and, above all, lucky. He brings wealth, power and prestige to his people. But with power comes unwanted attention, and Basso must defend his nation and himself from threats foreign and domestic. In a lifetime of crucial decisions, he's only ever made one mistake. One mistake, though, can be enough.


Over the recent years, one name is coming up consistently time and again with quality fantasy writing, and that’s KJ Parker. Whilst masquerading behind a pseudonym this established author really does bring everything to the table, you’ve got great characters, top quality dialogue and above all else a story arc that keeps the reader glued from the first to the last page. Add to the mix character growth and a world that you can believe in with double dealing and politics and it really is a well rounded self supporting novel. Great stuff.

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