Friday, 29 October 2010

ARTS AND CRAFTS: Art Book Review - Dragon's Domain - Bob Eggleton

Release Date: 29/10/10


This is the ultimate practical dragon art book from fantasy art legend Bob Eggleton, designed specially to introduce readers to the materials and techniques they will need to paint amazing dragons and monsters. It is packed with photographs, design drawings and notes, step-by-step projects and final artworks to help beginner artists master the essential techniques. Detailed Dragon Workshops show the development of Bob's classic dragon paintings, from conceptualisation through to final execution, including Eastern and Western dragons, sea dragons, space dragons, elemental dragons and other fantastic beasts. Fan favourites from Bob's back catalogue, as well as a wide selection of pieces painted specially for the book, make this a truly-must have title for dragon lovers everywhere.


Impact, is a publisher who brings books to the artist that will not only improve their skill set but also aid them in improving their art to the next level with lessons that have taken years to learn. This time, the artist is Bob Eggleton who is very well known as well as one to set standards by. Unfortunately, with such an established and famed artist, the skill set required to begin this offering is a lot higher than a number of other titles. Beginners may still learn the lessons within, but they will soon become lost until they have a grasp of the techniques from earlier books. For example if you want to learn to draw dragons you may want to start with J “Neon Dragon” Pfeffer’s Dragon Evolution which is a great book to help you get started.

It is definitely a great book for reference as well as step by step guides for the each part of the piece in order to create something that you’ll be proud to hang on your wall. However, please remember it is for those who’ve advanced to a certain level even though a large number of the lessons within are beautifully constructed as well as demonstrated to back up each point made which overall makes this a title set for inspiration as well as aiding those further along the art trail than myself. Which means that overall it will be a title that I will return to as I gain more skills of my own from other Impact titles.

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