Monday, 25 October 2010

GHOST STORIES: Ghost Chronicles - Various

Release Date: 01/09/10


Delve into some of the scariest and mysterious ghostly legends of our time with this collection of ghost stories. Each of the three books in the set contains around 15 of the very best ghost stories ever told, from the most haunted house in England at Borley Rectory, to the ghosts that roam the Tower of London, and the creepy goings-on aboard the Mary Celeste. Enter the eerie world of the ghosts who roam our railway stations, or learn where to encounter the headless horse, or the ghost of London's theatreland. Packed with classic tales from yesteryear and more recent ghostly happenings from across the world, "Ghost Chronicles" is the ultimate accessory for any Halloween party or paranormal enthusiast.


Now this is one of my favourite titles of this year as it is not only beautifully presented (three hardbacks in a slipcase) but also split into easy to find area’s within the titles. In this case: Ghostly Tales on land and Sea. Tales of Haunted places and Tales of the Supernatural which allows the reader to find what they want quite easily.

Whilst some of the stories are quite short, it’s a great way to get the basics of some folklore so that if you want to research it you can. Especially when you add some virtually unheard of tales alongside some of the more well known.

One thing that I would suggest for future editions would be to perhaps sort the tales out by area so that you can find the local supernatural stories and go to visit the locations to which they’re based. All in, it’s a great offering for someone who loves these types of books and a great gift for any time of year (especially when that time of year involves snuggling up in a duvet when its pitch black outside.) Lots of fun, a great selection of tales and above all else something that you’d think would cost a lot more.

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