Friday, 15 October 2010

FANTASY REVIEW: Valisar Trilogy 3: King's Wrath - Fiona McIntosh

Release Date: 15/10/10


The third, and last, instalment of Fiona McIntosh's gripping epic fantasy, set in a world torn by revenge, love and ancient magic. Loethar the Tyrant has established himself as the King of the Devona Set. No longer seen as a tyrant, his reforms and peace-making efforts have won over a section of society, especially since over the last 15 years, his people from the steppes have migrated and integrated into the Devona kingdoms. Loethar no longer believes Prince Leo, the rightful heir to the throne, to be dead and hunts him and his outlaw allies; but another heir also exists - one the usurper should fear more than a prince on the run! and she has possession of the ancient Valisar enchantment. Having learnt the truth of her parentage, her world and her family's fate, she must decide whether to stay and face the King's wrath, or escape back into the world she has hidden within for so many years.


Fan’s of Fiona’s writing have been chomping at the bit for this offering since completing their read of the second title in the series (Tyrant’s Blood.)

Whilst most authors tend to work out a plan many titles in advance, sometimes many titles ahead, each excursion into her world for Fiona is as much as an adventure for her as it is to the reader as she doesn’t plan and discovers events as they happen and is often surprised at what does occur.

It’s beautifully written, the characters grow and develop and with an ending that will possibly surprise as well as impress the reader, makes this a title you can’t ignore. That said however, please make sure you start at the beginning or confusion without the full reading pleasure will only be a matter of time and a greater shame that the full reading experience will not be there.

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