Thursday, 14 October 2010

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Engineman - Eric Brown

Release Date: 14/10/10


Once they pushed bigships through the cobalt glory of the Nada-Continuum. But faster than light isn’t fast enough anymore. The interfaces of the Keilor-Vincicoff Organisation bring planets light years distant a simple step away. Then a man with half a face offers ex-engineman Ralph Mirren the chance to escape his ruined life and push a ship to an undisclosed destination. The Nada-Continuum holds the key to Ralph’s
future. What he cannot anticipate is its universal importance – nor the mystery awaiting him on the distant colony world. Engineman is a thrilling action adventure by the author of Helix and Kethani. Also in this volume are nine stories set in the Engineman universe, including the Interzone award winning ‘The Time-Lapsed Man.'


There’s no doubt that Eric Brown can spin a yarn in a similar way to a spider as they’re spinning their web and as similiarities go, it is pretty apt, as once within his arc, you’re pretty much trapped until the end. With a prolific amount of titles to his name, I know that the Science element is always going to be intriguing, that I’m going to get great characterisation alongside superb dialogue and you know that it’s a sure fire reader pleasing overload for your money.

Compiled within this offering by Solaris is the original engineman tale and the whole host of short stories associated with the universe that was originally published in magazines such as Interzone, REM and the Lyre. It’s definitely value for money, it’s definitely quality writing and above all else it’s the pace backed by the prose that will keep you coming back for more. A real gem.

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