Saturday, 9 October 2010

HUMOUR REVIEW: 501 Things to do with a Zombie - JC Richards

Release Date: 25/06/10


What's more fun than doing it alone? Doing it with a Zombie. Escape routes. Defence plans. Survival kits. Really, isn't it time we put down the pitchforks and learned to live with the undead? Sure, Zombies may be brain-eating virus-plagued monsters, but it doesn't mean you can't also have fun with a Zombie. After all, Zombies have many redeeming qualities. With 501 Things to Do With a Zombie , open-minded readers everywhere will discover what infectious fun awaits when they let the undead into their lives, including: have a pillowfight; decoupage; tell dirty jokes; have a staring contest; and, take up swing dancing. Note: watch out for flying limbs. Finally, with 501 Things to Do With a Zombie , Zombie supporters can come out the closet (without machetes) and prove that we all can learn to love the undead!


I ordered this title as I had fond childhood memories of a book entitled 101 Things to Do with a dead Cat. That said, I expected pretty much the same sort of thing with this title, lots of Larsonesque type humourous images backed up with the occasional witty line. What actually unfurled was a book that was more list than anything else with the odd piece of art added and that was about it. Whilst I can appreciate it for what it is, I’d have preferred a smaller list of things to do but more illustrations that could have left the title open for sequels that could have made this a lot better. All in, it is OK but it could have been improved and whilst it won’t be to everyone’s tastes (for some reason there is a hint of Brain matter within the paper, LOL) if you have a deadhead fan within the family it will certainly make an ideal gift.

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