Friday, 1 October 2010

FANTASY AUDIO REVIEW: Warhammer Fantasy: Aenarion - Gav Thorpe

Release Date: 01/10/10


The Sword of Khaine resides upon the Blighted Isle, veiled in mystery and guarded by forces both living and dead. Despite the warnings, Aenarion rides out upon his dragon Indraugnir to seek the prize in order to save his homeland of Ulthuan. The journey is fraught with danger, and Aenarion must confront daemons, spirits and the elemental forces of nature itself if he is to succeed. But in drawing the blade from the Black Anvil, he will unleash the ancient and malevolent force that will tear the elven race apart…


Fan’s of the Warhammer Pointy Eared ones will lap up this new audio CD as to be honest it’s action all the way as the Phoenix King carves his legend.

Told by Beth Chalmers, this tale is just the thing for long car journey’s or to raise the moral of the elven general prior to entering the combat of the fantasy battle table. Add to the mix atmospheric music, additional vocal talents to bring the vocals to life and you know that no expense has been spared to bring this offering to the fan, especially when some of the best Warhammer authors are drawn into the fray for the plot, in this case Gav Thorpe. Great stuff.

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