Wednesday, 13 October 2010

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Gears of War: Anvil Gate - Karen Traviss

Release Date: 19/08/10


With the Locust Horde apparently destroyed, Jacinto's survivors have begun to rebuild human society on their island stronghold. Raiding pirate gangs take a toll - but it's nothing that Marcus Fenix and the Gears can't handle. Then the terrifying life-forms they thought they'd left behind - the Lambent, creatures even the Locust feared - begin to advance across the planet. Gears and gangs must fight side by side to stop their deadliest enemy yet, falling back on the savage tactics of another bloody siege: Anvil Gate.


Fan’s of the Gears of War Games will have been chomping at the bit for the next offering which has sadly been delayed until next year. Our Spy who has been to and about and had a quick play has told us that it’s going to be phenomenal.

So whilst the rest of us are sadly having to wait, here’s a little something that might make you feel a little better, the next title in the book series by Karen Traviss.

Whilst I’m not the biggest fan of the author’s Star War’s series, I have to admit that she does GoW well. Readers will be more than pleased to hear that the fan’s favourite COG’s are back in action with the odds stacked against them firmly in the thick of things.

Its brutal, its got a body count and above all else it sets a blistering pace. Beautifully written it will occupy the reader and fill their Gear quota for a little while longer. Whilst you can join the series here, I’d only recommend this for the serious Gearheads, after all they know the backstory, they know what’s happening and they know the world. For those who’ve yet to pick up their weapons and join the fight, well you’ll get lost pretty quickly so if you want to start with the books pick up the first one. All in great fun and definitely something to keep you going.

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