Tuesday, 19 October 2010

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Odd is on our Side - Dean Koontz, Queenie Chan, Fred Van Lente

Release Date: 30/09/10


The second graphic novel adventure featuring Dean Koontz's hugely popular character, Odd Thomas. It's almost Halloween in Pico Mundo, and that means it's time for the annual Safe Halloween Party, hosted by Police Chief Porter. All seems perfectly normal -- until Odd catches sight of the ghost of a young girl who seems to be trying to join in the festivities. Odd's next clue that something threatens his peaceful town is the appearance of a swarm of bodachs -- supernatural beings who herald some deadly event. With the help of his girlfriend, Stormy, and some vital information from the ghost of Elvis Presley, will Odd be able to forestall disaster?


An Odd title with an Odd lead character. Yep, that’s the characters name and whilst most people are aware of the Odd titles by Dean Koontz, a great many haven’t yet come across the graphic novel versions (of which this is the second) which are just as delightful. It’s definitely something quirky; it’s a title that I got a lot of fun from and it’s one that adds to the rich tapestry that Dean has woven within his writing. A seriously good piece of escapism that will please, as well as occupy the reader’s thoughts when away from its pages. Back that up with a Moreish attitude and you know that the previous novels won’t be far off a reread.

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