Thursday, 14 October 2010

CRIME FICTION REVIEW: Red Wolf - Liza Marklund

Release Date: 14/10/10


An Accidental Death? - Reporter Annika Bengtzon is working on the story of a devastating crime when she hears that a journalist investigating the same incident has been killed. It appears to be a hit-and-run accident. A Series of Murders - Several brutal killings follow - all linked by handwritten letters sent to the victims' relatives. When Annika unravels a connection with the story she's writing, she is thrown on to the trail of a deadly psychopath. The Hunt is On - Caught in a frenzied spiral of secrets and violence, Annika finds herself and her marriage at breaking point. Will her refusal to stop pursuing the truth eventually destroy her?


Whilst a lot of the crime tales written by the English speaking world are becoming more predictable, foreign author’s are managing to not only carve their own bloody niche but create a real reading experience.

Here Liza Marklund takes the world of crime, throws in some politics alongside aspirations and delivers something unique. The characters are fresh, they have a believability about them and overall the story arc is more than satisfactory. Add plausible scenario’s, a fully realised leading lady alongside some no frill stark prose which leaves the reader into a sub world that scares the hell out of you.

It’s different, it’s gory and it’s definitely something that deserves to be turned into a film. A real gem of a title that will keep the reader up longer than you really should be, with the phrase of “just a few more pages” becoming a regular occurrence. Overall, don’t blame us if you’re too tired for work and please don’t tell the boss it was our fault for recommending this to you.

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