Saturday, 16 October 2010

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Twilight of Kerberos: Engines of the Apocalypse - Mike Wild

Release Date: 14/04/10


Giant dwarven sirens rise from the ground and all across Twilight, magic stops. Blamed for the emergence of these machines, Kali Hooper faces execution until a mysterious stranger offers her a deal. In order to keep her life, Kali is to help find the tyrannical head of the Final Faith, Katherine Makennon. Kali joins old enemies and unexpected allies in an epic quest that pits her against the dark machinations of the Pale Lord and reveals secrets not even she could have guessed at.


A fantasy series unlike any other as the elder races have disappeared with mankind struggling to cope and learn of the ancient past through tomb raiding. As with Mike’s other tales in this series Kali Hooper returns to add her own take to events as they unfold and prove something that all dwarven fans have known for years, that the pointy eared ones are backstabbing, double-dealing, greedy sons of guns.

Within is a mystery wrapped in an enigma and the tales pace works wonderfully, there’s moments of darkness, moments of humour and backed up with familiar friends. Whilst you can read this without having read the other titles, you’ll miss some of the references and not get the full flavour. All in, a great piece of escapism and to quote Kali, one “farking hell” of a journey. Great stuff.

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