Wednesday, 29 August 2012

CUISINE REVIEW: Pickled: From Curing Lemons to Fermenting Cabbage - Kelly Carrolata

Release Date: 01/09/12


In a culinary pickle? Not anymore!

Once a dreary necessity, pickling has turned into a culinary art form, with pickled components popping up in four-star restaurant dishes and trendy drinks across the country. Now you too can create your own gourmet preserved ingredients and explore the flavor-packed potential of fermentation!

Pickled features a range of accessible techniques, as well as recipes that highlight your favorite tastes, including:

Pickled Figs
Asian Chopped Salad with Crispy Noodles and Kimchi
Green Coriander Chutney
Watermelon Cosmo

With helpful asides that delve into the science and history of this previously humble practice, this cookbook is your delicious entry into the world of gourmet pickling.


In a world where we’re looking for ways to not only preserve home grown food or to find ways to use up what’s on offer from the supermarkets, often we overlook the art of pickling unless of course it the traditional pickled onion that many of us have a taste for.

What this book from Kelly brings is a whole selection of choices that will make not only wonderful meal accompaniments but also create new tastes for the adventurous eater. It’s interesting; it’s fun and of course if you have someone looking to make something for friends on the build-up to the seasonal holiday at years end, they’ll find inspiration alongside tried as well as tested items that really will add that extra sparkle to leftovers.

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