Monday, 13 August 2012

VIDEO GAME NEWS: New Borderland 2 Trailer - Take 2 Interactive

Hail Mighty Readers and Followers of the Calloused Thumbs,
Our friends at Take 2 Interactive have let us know about the latest advert for the latest game in the Borderlands cult franchise.

Its Handsome Jack who's there to antagonise you, a guy who thinks he's bigger, cleverer and of course untouchable, but hey, you're used to tougher opponents.  You've slaughtered your way through hordes of screaming foes (both before and after you've blown thier legs off), you've locked and loaded with the best and of course with the choice of four extremely cool characters to play we know you just can't wait.  So wet your appetite with this little beauty.
See you on Pandora, Gareth and Lady Eleanor.

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