Tuesday, 7 August 2012

FACTUAL REVIEW: The Writers and Artists Yearbook 2013

Release Date: 05/07/12


This bestselling guide to all areas of the media, now in its 106th edition, has been completely revised and updated. With 100 articles written by successful authors and publishing insiders, it advises, guides and inspires writers and artists on how to get published. The 2013 edition includes new articles on, amongst other topics, memoir writing, apps, libraries and contains a wealth of practical information on a huge range of topics including copyright, finance, submitting a manuscript and marketing yourself and your writing. With nearly 4,500 entries in its up-to-date directory of media contacts, the Yearbook is an in invaluable companion 'The one-and-only, indispensable guide to the world of writing' - William Boyd 'Even established writers can feel as though they're climbing a mountain. Think of the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook as your sherpa' - Ian Rankin 'Full of useful stuff. It answered my every question' - JK Rowling


Whilst many people tend to think of writing and art as something that’s just a nice past time, for those afflicted with the ability, its something that has to be done rather than something we choose, almost as if something within our inner selves demands that we spend time nurturing and growing that skill.

So whilst it may seem strange to some, many of us have finished scripts or pieces that we’ve poured ourselves into but not a clue what to do with them afterwards. That’s where this book comes in as its full of information to help you reach not only the right people but also lets you know others submission guides alongside the rates of pay.

Add to this advice from known authors who’ve already been there to help not only encourage you but to give you experience that they had to learn through hard graft and it’s a book that really is a holy grail within itself. Finally add to the equation a full list of Agents alongside Publishers and magazine contacts and this really is a book that you can’t ignore.

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