Thursday, 23 August 2012

THRILLER REVIEW: Vin Cooper 5: Warlord - David Rollins

Release Date: 09/08/12


VIN COOPER IS HUNTING FOR A KIDNAP VICTIM. THE CIA IS HUNTING FOR A MISSING NUCLEAR BOMB. Special Agent Vin Cooper has just returned from an off-books mission in the Congo. Now he's caught up in something even more dangerous. An ex-airforce colleague has been kidnapped. His severed hand, buried in a KFC bucket with a demand for five million dollars, has found its way to Cooper's door - and he has just 21 days to pay. Tracking the missing man's movements from a topless revue in Vegas, to the shark-infested Pacific, the favelas of Brazil and finally to the pirate-patrolled waters off Somalia, Cooper discovers his ex-colleague is now an undercover agent working with a vicious Colombian arms dealer. Meanwhile, the CIA are searching for a stolen thermonuclear device. Suddenly, Cooper's quest to find his friend becomes a journey to the heart of a chilling conspiracy. A journey that Cooper might not survive...


If you love high octane thrillers, then the odds are you’ve probably already read one of David Rollin’s previous Vin Cooper titles. Here, in the fifth outing for our hero is a story of Nazi’s. nuclear threat and of course a seemingly unrelated case that brings our lead character to the case. It’s definitely quirky and one that I really enjoyed with its no holds barred attitude and no nonsense attitude keeping to the story.

Finally throw into the mix huge action sequences and you know that its pretty much going to hit the spot. My only concern is that for me I felt that the sex within was not required as I felt that it detracted from the story. All in a good bit of fun and definitely an author I’ll spend more time with again.

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