Monday, 27 August 2012

SCIENCE FICTION AUDIO BOOK: Warhammer 40K: Malediction - C Z Dunn

Release Date: 02/08/12


On the world of Amadis, veteran Imperial Guard officer Regan Antigone is being honoured for his role in the planet's liberation from the forces of Chaos, some twenty-five years earlier. But when his old comrade, Master Tigrane of the Dark Angels Space Marine Chapter, arrives to join the festivities and asks to hear the glorious tale told once more, Antigone falters. With the details of his account cast under close scrutiny and with the judgement of the Imperium hanging over him, will his noble reputation remain intact?


To be honest whilst I’m a huge fan of the Black Library’s Audio Books, this one felt a little flat as I didn’t feel that they’d matched the vocal talent up to the correct characters, the principle, Dark Angel felt more a combo of overacting alongside comedic vocally so that the seriousness didn’t quite come across. That’s not to say that the writing wasn’t good, it was, it took the reader on a journey and allowed the reader to get a tale that not only took them on a journey but brought a past event to life through the use of hindsight.

All in it was solid but sadly the vocals didn’t bring it to the reader as well as it could have done which left me feeling a little cheated with this audio cd. A great shame.

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