Tuesday, 21 August 2012

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: The Adeptus Mechanicus 1: Priests of Mars - Graham McNeill

Release Date: 02/08/12


Legend tells of a foolhardy expedition, led by the radical Magos Telok, which ventured out into the unknown space beyond the Halo Worlds in search of the 'Breath of the Gods' - an arcane device with the power to unmake and reshape the very stars themselves. Thousands of years later, the ambitious Lexell Kotov musters his Adeptus Mechanicus Explorator fleet and sets out to follow in mad old Telok's footsteps. With the might of the Imperial Guard and the Space Marines to augment his own forces, he searches for the hidden clues which will lead him to greatest power that the galaxy has ever known. But who knows what ancient perils may yet lie outside the Imperium and the dominion of mankind?


All hail the machine god cult that Graham brings to life in this title. As with the other books written by him, the combat is hard and fast, the body count high and when you add to the mix ship combat alongside hand to hand, it inevitably ends up as a dark chaotic combination that will have readers salivating.

That said, whilst I’m a huge fan of Graham’s writing, I did find this title a little hard to get into at the beginning, as for me it felt a little disjointed yet due to persevering with the book a few pages longer, I found myself getting quite into it with the each of the individuals grasping my attention as their lives hung in peril. Add to this the usual solid prose, cracking pace and of course a few twists and all in it was a solid title.

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