Thursday, 9 August 2012

GRAPHIC NOVEL REVIEW: Savage: The Guv'nor - Pat Mills, Patrick Goddard

Release Date: 19/07/12


In 1999, Britain was successfully invaded by the Volgs. When London lorry driver Bill Savage learnt that his family had been killed by the Volgs, he became a one-man war machine - a persistant thorn in the side of the occupying army. Having adopted the identity of his dead brother, Savage operates out of a bombed-out london, leading the resistance against his hated enemy. Now, business brain Howard Quartz - the CEO of Ro-Busters - has launched an attack on the Volgan forces with his Mark-One War Droids, but the Volgs have some technological tricks of their own, including a functional teleportation device....


This is a title I wasn’t familiar with but it was a story of urban warfare that I could get behind, especially being a huge fan of Ennis’ The Boys. What this title gives the reader is a dark and gritty tale of an invaded Britain with a freedom fighter movement seeking to claim back our land from the invader. It’s a tale that has been done before usually with a historical setting (such as Hereward) but is something that really works well for the black and white visual style of Patrick Goddard.

Add to this solid storytelling, a lead character that the reader can get behind alongside a supporting cast to help make the tale more believable and all in it’s a cracking read that will keep the reader occupied for a good few hours. Finally throw into the mix a compendium that contains two tales that make this value for money and all in, it’s a book that I’ll be enjoying a few more times, especially when more Savage tales land. Magic.

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