Saturday, 25 August 2012

URBAN FANTASY REVIEW: 4: The Shifting Price of Prey - Suzanne McLeod

Release Date: 30/08/12


Genny's life has never been busier: the summer solstice is approaching, magic is going haywire, is under inexperienced new management, and London is hosting this year's Carnival Fantastique. Then a unicorn is found horribly mutilated in Regent's Park, garden fairies start dying out of season, and an eminent wildlife activist and her young son are snatched from a Conservation Conference. Searching for answers takes Genny and her friends, Tavish the kelpie and the super-sexy vampire Malik al-Khan, deep into magical London to the decadent and dangerous Forum Mirabilis, the secret, bloody heart of the Carnival Fantastique. And it's not long before Genny and her friends are under attack from a millennium-old adversary as they fight to save both the victims and themselves ...


Suzanne has been one of UK Supernatural Urban Fantasy Authors to go to when I want something that is not only familiar but also something that is home grown. Here in the latest outing, Genny has a whole host of trouble and to add to her woes, is facing a management crisis due to those sneaky herd fae, the Satyrs.

As with Suzanne’s other titles, it has fast paced action, great prose and of course characters that you love to spend time around, however this time out, there are a few strong sexual sequences that add a deeper flavour to Genny’s emotional context. It works well, it’s full of (mis)adventure and for me, its something that I really can’t get enough of as there’s always someone looking to make a buck or double deal to get what they want.

Throw into the mix a whole new host of villains backed up with foes of old and all in its been a triumph to sit back and devour. Great stuff.

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