Sunday, 26 August 2012

HISTORICAL SPY FICTION: Clarenceux 3: The Final Sacrament - James Forrester

Release Date: 16/08/12


September 1566. William Harley, Clarenceux King of Arms, lives quietly with his family in London, with a document in his possession that could destroy the state. The aged Lady Percy, Countess of Northumberland, has not given up trying to find it. Nor has she forgotten how he betrayed her and the Catholic cause - she has spent the last two years planning her revenge. But then eloquent and adventurous courtier, John Greystoke suddenly seems most concerned for Clarenceux's safety. And why, on behalf of the government, does Francis Walsingham have spies watching Clarenceux's house day and night? When his wife and his daughter go missing, Clarenceux finds himself on the run with his other young daughter, hunted by Lady Percy's agents. He knows he must finally destroy the document, even if it should cost him his life - but how can he, until he has reunited his family?


If you love historical fiction set in Tudor England that weaves the wonders of a spy thriller in a time where a wrong step either way could see your own side kill you just as much as your foe. Add a dark twist with the key characters wife and one of his daughters missing which leaves the reader in no doubt that it’s a game where one throw of the die is all you have. Live or die, conquer or fail, its all you have along with your wits.

What James also brings to the mix is a story that grips you from start to finish, brings the stench of the time to the readers nostrils and will have you watching your step with each new development. Finally throw into the mix solid pace, wonderful prose by an author who knows what the reader wants and all in its been a wonderful third outing.

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Unknown said...

Yet another that I won't be able to resist. Thanks for the review and thank heavens for e-readers or I would have no room in my house for the ordinary functions of life :)

Its in the bag.