Monday, 13 August 2012

SCIENCE FICTION REVIEW: Empty Space - M John Harrison

Release Date: 19/07/12


EMPTY SPACE is a space adventure. We begin with the following dream: An alien research tool the size of a brown dwarf star hangs in the middle of nowhere, as a result of an attempt to place it equidistant from everything else in every possible universe. Somewhere in the fractal labyrinth beneath its surface, a woman lies on an allotropic carbon deck, a white paste of nanomachines oozing from the corner of her mouth. She is neither conscious nor unconscious, dead nor alive. There is something wrong with her cheekbones. At first you think she is changing from one thing into another -- perhaps it's a cat, perhaps it's something that only looks like one -- then you see that she is actually trying to be both things at once. She is waiting for you, she has been waiting for you for perhaps 10,000 years. She comes from the past, she comes from the future. She is about to speak-- EMPTY SPACE is a sequel to LIGHT and NOVA SWING, three strands presented in alternating chapters which will work their way separately back to this image of frozen transformation.


As a huge reader of science Fiction, it feels at time that there seem to be so many space operas out there that most of the other options are lost for the reader. What unfurls with in this title by M John Harrison is a story that is something that feels fairly unique as it blends all sorts of elements together to create a futuristic third book in the series that also features Light and Nova Swing.

It’s quirky, the reader gets value for money and all in with the authors wonderful writing style that brings top notch prose alongside cracking storytelling, all in allows the reader to get a tale that will more than satisfy. Finally add to the mix an author that wants to entertain taking you through the full range of emotions alongside what the principle player undergoes and all in it’s a cracking book.

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